Real Funny Shit

What I feel like when Im hungover the next day.

Cat Just Sitting Around


When I eat a banana in public, people look at my like I’m doing this.

Mime Couple

What I feel like when I first start feeling molly.

Cat Talks to Himself When Frightened

What I feel like when my boyfriend yells at me for being late.

How I feel When I Make a Mistake on Cheezburger

What I look like when I come home from the bar and eat something in my kitchen.

Eating a Banana is a Ton of Work, Little Dude

What I do when any of my friends are taking pictures.

Keep Austin Weird

What I feel like when my friends finally get to my house to pregame.

When I Get a New Game

What I feel like when I get into the bar after the bouncer questions my fake ID.

Touch Down!

When I get new makeup and put it on for the first time, I feel like this.

Cuando me hago cosquillas con el maquillaje

What I feel like when someone tells me the guy I madeout with last night also madeout with 10 other girls.

Cuando ves a tus padres en la cama